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Kimetsu No Yaiba Figure Inosuke without mask Official Merchandise


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Did you know ? Inosuke is a very strong character capable of "enhancing his physical prowess" to a point where he could fight the likes of a Muzan or an Hashira. This Inosuke Hashibira Without Mask Figure is ideal for a gift !

  • Size : 5.9" scale figure featuring Inosuke Hashibira without mask
  • Ideal to complete your figures collection
  • Makes a great gift
  • High end figure
  • Precise finishing

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Welcome to the Demon Slayer Figures collection of our online store ! Here you will find some of the most iconics toys of the Kimetsu no Yaiba license, like the super cute Nezuko Figures , the classic Tanjiro Figures , Rengoku Figures inspired by the flame hashira we all know and love , Shinobu Kocho Figures , Inosuke Figures to honor the boar mask warrior , the Zenitsu figures and the Giyuu Figures showcasing the Water breathing master

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