Who is Sabito from Demon Slayer?

March 20, 2021 6 min read

Who is Sabito from Demon Slayer?

Sabito was a former apprentice of Sakonji Urokodaki. He appeared to help Tanjiro Kamado in his preparation for the Final Selection.


Sabito was a light-skinned young boy with a large scar on the right side of his face and greyish lavender eyes with a horizontal line of a much lighter purple. He had thick, spiky, peach colored hair of varying lengths, the longest reaching his shoulders, which he wore messy with micro side bangs on just the left side of his forehead.

 Sabito Demon Slayer

Sabito wore a green yukata, with a darker yellow and green hexagonal geometric pattern, tied at the waist with a piece of black cloth, under which he showed a pair of hakama pants and over which a plain white haori. Around his calves he wore two pieces of cloth, which had the same design of the yukata, in which his pants were tucked, as well as black socks and a pair of Japanese sandals. As with the rest of Sakonji Urokodaki's apprentices, he wore a white Conjuration mask, hand-carved by his master himself, in the shape of a fox's face, his own decorated with a large scar in the same place as the one on his face. The mask's eyes and nose were a dark green while the ears were more of a red-grey, and it was secured around his face by a thick piece of red rope around his head.



Sabito was a serious young man who believed that all his actions should be worthy of a man. He was considered a ruthless mentor during his training with Tanjiro Kamado, who was always quick to emphasise his shortcomings and refused to acknowledge him as a man. When asked to defeat the Demon Hand, Sabito seemed to have a pessimistic view of conflict, stating that he believed that no matter how hard one tried, it would never be enough to defeat the demon.


Sabito Merch


Despite this, Sabito entrusted his will to Tanjiro and was happy when he surpassed him as Sakonji's strongest student, openly accepting that Tanjiro was the best of them all and proudly leaving him with the lingering will of all the lost children of Sakonji.


According to Giyu, Sabito was a very nice boy with a strong sense of justice when he was still alive. It is implied that Sabito was a selfless person, as seen in a memory of Giyu, when it is revealed that he saved everyone in his group from the Demon Hand during his Final Selection, thus sacrificing himself.


Sabito is a young boy about whom nothing is known. His story disappeared with him when he died because of his reserved nature and because he didn't take pride in his past. One day, Urokodaki took him in to be his apprentice, he trained hard and Urokodaki himself said that Sabito had the soul of a future pillar. A few months later, a young boy arrived, he was weak and exhausted. Sabito did not like him more than that because this young boy also wanted to become a demon slayer. Urokodaki took him under his wing and in a short time, this lad named Tomioka Giyu became friends with Sabito.

 Sabito x Giyu Tomioka

After a lot of hard work, they both managed to go to the Final Selection. Sabito would go through the whole forest and help anyone in distress. But unfortunately, when he needed help and Tomioka came to his aid, Tomioka broke his ribs and was knocked out. Sabito managed to kill the demon and watched over the surroundings to protect Tomioka. But an extremely powerful demon, the hand cannon, wanted to attack Giyu. Sabito tried to ward it off but when he had to face the demon, his fatigue got the better of him and his blade broke as it touched the demon's neck. A hand landed on his face and crushed him.


He will then die but take control of his soul. He will go back to Urokodaki and meet Makomo, a former apprentice who also died because of the hand demon. They will both decide to help the next disciple to put down the demon. And that is where they will meet Kamado Tanjiro.

 Sabito and Makomo


Arc of the Final Selection:

Unable to leave in peace after failing the Final Selection, the souls of Sabito and Makomo find their way to Mount Sagiri, where they reside now. Sakonji finally accepts a new student named Tanjiro and, after a year and a half of training, Tanjiro is still unable to pass Sakonji's final test: splitting a rock with his sword.



Sabito training Tanjiro

Sabito sits on top of the rock, appearing before Tanjiro as he laments his lack of progress, and tells him that a man should cry in silence. He attacks Tanjiro and easily pushes him away after a brief clashing of their weapons, saying that Tanjiro is slow, weak, and immature and telling him that these are not the qualities of a real man. Tanjiro questions Sabito what he is doing, and Sabito answers with the same question. After getting up, Sabito asks him to come and fight, but Tanjiro is concerned about using a real katana against Sabito's wooden sword. Amused that Tanjiro thinks he can really hurt him at his current level, Sabito laughs before rushing at his opponent.



The masked boy claims he is the stronger of the two and denies the idea that he could hurt himself, also revealing that he had cut the rock before. Sabito jumps through the trees, using his extreme agility to surprise for Tanjiro. Sakonji's former student, tells him that he hasn't mastered a single Breathing Style, claiming that Tanjiro has only memorized the practices. Tanjiro then claims that he works hard but cannot progress any further, and Sabito tells him to act like a man and go further to overcome his limits. He wants to check what Tanjiro is capable of in this fight and beats him in a short time. Sabito then entrusts the rest of Tanjiro's training to Makomo.


Tanjiro continues to challenge Sabito throughout his training but is never able to win, or at least until six months later. During their final duel, Sabito brings a real katana instead of a wooden one, and on that day, Sabito finally says that Tanjiro looks like a man. The fight ends in an instant, as Tanjiro's blade finally reaches Sabito first, cutting off his mask. Sabito's face is revealed and he smiles, proud of his successor. He disappears and Tanjiro realizes that he has finally cut the rock.

 Sabito Makomo Merch


After Tanjiro leaves for his Final Selection, Sabito sits on top of the rock, continuing to watch him with Makomo, who asks if Sabito thinks Tanjiro can avenge their deaths. Sabito says he's not sure because they lost despite the best efforts. Tanjiro learns the truth about the 13 children of Sakonji who died because of the demon hand. Furious, Tanjiro rushes recklessly, but Sabito reminds him to calm down because his breathing is disturbed. He asks Tanjiro to forget about the others for the moment and to concentrate on the task at hand. Makomo starts to lose hope and to wonder if Tanjiro will die too. Sabito tells him that the outcome can go either way, however, there is one irrefutable fact: Tanjiro is the man who cut the biggest and hardest rock of all. Demon Hand believes that he can defeat Tanjiro the very same way he did with Sabito, but Sakonji's last student kills the demon and avenges all the children.


Tanjiro wins and the souls of all Sakonji's children can rest in peace. Sabito jumps off the rock and disappears into the mist, bidding farewell to Tanjiro.



Sabito is considered Sakonji's most powerful former student, succeeded only by Tanjiro; the Hand Demon even noted that Sabito was the most potent disciple of Sakonji, whom he had killed. Tanjiro stated that Sabito would probably have been an incredible swordsman if he had survived.

 Sabito Demon Slayer


Sabito was a very skilled swordsman, as seen in his Final Selection, in which he managed to solo kill almost all the demons on Wisteria Flower Mountain and save all the other participants, a feat that even Tanjiro was unable to accomplish because he was busy protecting himself. Throughout Tanjiro's training, Sabito was also able to defeat him several several times while wielding a wooden sword, even though Tanjiro was using a real blade, and in their first battle, Sabito exhibited improved speed, agility, and reflexes that easily outperformed Tanjiro's at the relevant time. It finally took Tanjiro six months of training before he could defeat Sabito.

Breath of Water: Sabito was an advanced user of the Breath of Water, which he used to single-handedly kill all of the demons inhabiting the Mount during his Final Selection exam.


He is considered the best student of Sakonji Urokodaki.

Sabito has the same Japanese and English dubbers with Basil Sabancci from the video game Valkyria Revolution.

Sabito shares the same Japanese dubbing with Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, as well as Eren Yeager from Attack of the Titans.

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