Everything you need to know about Tanjiro kamado

February 27, 2021 3 min read

Everything you need to know about Tanjiro kamado

This Blog post is a non-exhasutive list of facts about Kimetsu No Yaiba's protagonist : Tanjirou kamado.


Due to its massive success in Japan, Demon Slayer is an unmissable series of the anime genre and the well-known protagonist Tanjiro Kamado plays a big part in its popularity. At the moment we are writing this article Kimetsu No Yaiba manga’s plot is well developed and is almost coming to its end, reaching the first place in Japan for most copies sold with more than 12 million.

Tanjiro is first appearing as a young boy living in a mountain / forest helping his family by doing his deceased father’s work like going on a walking trip downtown and try to sell the charcoal he’s been gathering.


When he gets back home he witnesses the horrifying murder of his brothers, sisters and mother except his sister Nezuko who appears to be breathing. Tanjiro will soon discover that his sister is not herself anymore and that she turned into a Demon threatening the life of any human she meets. At some point a miracle happens: he sees tears coming out of her eyes and she starts protecting him from Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka.

Giyu witnessing how hard Tanjiro and Nezuko try to stay together, he gives them a chance but they will have to take responsibility for the danger they represent to society and incorporate the Demon Slayer Corps if they want her to live and maybe figure out how to give miss Kamado her initial human form.

Kamado Tanjiro is described as a small kind and honest young boy who will do anything to help his sister cure her disease. This motivation will push him to his limits and make him stronger as he goes through the rough training his mentor Urokodaki Sakonji gives him during 2 years allowing him to dig deeper and deeper into the world of the Demons and Demon Slayers in order to find answers.

Once he passes the final selection to become a Demon Slayer in the mount fujikasane he is given his Demon Slayer Sword, a special blade that changes color depending on the owner giving it unique properties. When Tanjiro unsheathes his DS-sword for the first time, the blade turns Black which is said to be very rare! We have so little information about this color that it is known to be the “forgotten warriors color”.

But as we all know a true anime protagonist cannot allow himself to be forgotten! We might discover the secret of Tanjiro’s sword later in the manga who knows! Maybe he will become an extraordinary warrior who will change the Demons and Demon Slayers fate.


You cannot introduce Tanjirou without talking about his sister Nezuko who accompanies him through all his quests. Thanks to the hypnosis made by Urokodaki, she sees every human as her family and protects them at all cost even in a life-threatening situation.

She is Tanjiro’s asset but also his weakness, as she is a Demon, he has to think twice before letting her get out of the basket he carries on his back because of lethal sun rays! And that, even in critical moments where he would need her help.

These two characters at the center of the anime series have a strong brother-sister bond, which is pretty rare when it comes to the Shonen genre when you think about it. The only popular anime that comes to mind are HxH with Gon and Killua or Full Metal Alchemist with strong brotherhood bond.


The unique and deep character Tanjiro Kamado is developed through his engagement towards his little sister’s existence making him more mature, responsible, and thoughtful even though his daily job is to kill Demons. Their relationship gives him the empathy and the standing point to see Demons as villains but also victims of a tragedy.

I hope you liked this blog post, if you have any recommendation to make in the comment section down below don’t hesitate !

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