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Top 10 Beautiful Nezuko Cosplays

We all know who Nezuko is, she’s a cute, fearless and protective girl that will do anything to help her brother Tanjiro accomplish his quest. Today we decided to do a compilation of 10 of the most amazing Nezuko Kamado Cosplays you can find on the internet, her’s what we found for you :

10: Kata Sugar’s take on the Nezuko Cosplay

-Kata-Sugar cosplaying NezukoWhen you think about a Nezuko Cosplay there’s a few things that come to mind : Overload of cuteness, Bamboo Stick, Black Hair Wig and traditional Nezuko Pattern Kimono. 

9: Mk_ays in her stunning Nezuko Outfit

[email protected]_ays on instagram showcasing her cosplaying skills

8: Usagi_RR Showing us what a true Nezuko fan look like !

[email protected]_RR, an amazing cosplayer artist

7: Nezuko worries about her future too, sometimes !

-unknown artist

6: @Kitaro_cos embodies the Demon Girl perfectly !

[email protected]_cos in her beautiful disguise

5: @mikumatsusan45 demonstrates the Exploding Blood technique in a stunning costume !

[email protected] on twitter sharing her amazing Nezuko Cosplay

4: You’re visiting a Japanese anime event when suddenly a wild Nezuko Cosplayer appears !

[email protected]_11_11 sharing her Nezuko Cosplay on twitter

3: If you cause Tanjiro troubles, beware of her..

[email protected]_y on twitter cosplaying Nezuko

2: Nezuko Cosplayer with the Wooden Basket

[email protected] on twitter showcasing her stunning take on Nezuko !

1: And finally, the most stunning Nezuko of all !

-unknownThat’s it for our Top 10 Nezuko Kamado Cosplay Ranking ! We hope you enjoyed this blog article, don’t hesitate to leave a comment to say what you think about this list of amazing cosplay artists !

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